Here's what people are saying about Green Apple Tales...

These books are full of useful information. The cute characters and children’s story make the information fun, rather than an adult “health book.” I think these books are also filling a void, since people aren’t getting this information elsewhere. Gearing it towards children is smart...teach them young so these habits catch on and become lifelong. - Parent

Great way to educate parents, too, maybe even more than the kids! - Parent

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I was with the books I recently purchased, and how delighted my grandkids were with the stories and recipes. Delilah has them washing their hands all the time without any fussing, and we're still laughing about all of them describing the nasty germs to their friends and family. I thought you had a great idea, but it's now been tested out on the "real" critics and it's a huge hit! - Grandmother

These books are adorable, perfect, and I read all three. They are a great investment for the children and adults as well. Thanks a million." Grandmother

I thought the books were wonderful. I found them very educational for the preschool age, too. I would definitely use them to teach my 2 year-old about handwashing and other food safety issues. - Parent

I like the handwashing book best, mostly because we do it so often. And I will definitely read the others to my daughter when she's older and will understand it! She's 2 years old. - Parent

I think these books will be huge in educating kids and parents about food safety...Very exciting. Father of grown children

I found the books very informative and helpful... - Parent/teacher

Very cute stories that contain information I was not aware of. I'd definitely read these to my children and I know they'll love them." - Parent

The graphics are incredible and so appealing to the child in me – which lives on! Woohoo! - Businesswoman

You should send these books to the President- he's a father and would be very interested. - Teacher

These children’s books really sound like a great idea! - Health Director, father

Awesome stuff. - Businessman, father

What a great idea... These books sound wonderful. Nice to see someone think creatively. - Businesswoman, mother, grandmother

You have written a great stories for the children, parents, and educators. How timely as we approach the flu season... Knowledge is power and your message will be well received by our youngsters who appear to be at more of a risk this year. - Teacher/ parent

I went home and told my husband everything we talked about in the workshop today, and he was so mad he didn't go too, because he's a "germ-o-phobe." - Parent of toddler

You are teaching the parents at the same time as the children while they read. - Teacher