Meet the Stars


"Delilah Washes Her Hands"

Delilah loves going to the playground with her friends. But her lunch is ready and there is one important thing she must do before she eats. Do you know what it is?

Lesson: Handwashing


"Pansy's Garden Party"

Pansy the Pig loves giving parties! But what happens when she leaves her party foods out in the summer sun for too long? You'll find out and see how her friend comes to the rescue!

Lesson: Temperature Controls of foods


"Gabby's Sore Throat and the Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes"

Gabby the Goose is coming down with a cold, but she is supposed to make cupcakes for her friend's party. Can she still go to the party if she is sick? Who will make the cupcakes? And what is the best way for her to cough and sneeze?

Lesson: Illness behavior, coughing, sneezing

Tony the Pony

"Tony the Pony's Big Dream"

Tony the Pony has a big dream.... he wants to be a rootin' tootin' cowboy! See how he lives the cowboy life, and what he does for fun with his 2 brothers. And how does he keep the foods he is cooking for their Rodeo dinner safe and delicious? Yee- haa!

Lesson: Preventing Cross-contamination


"The Allergy Buddy Club"

Ollie the elephant and his 2 friends Bruno and Maleeka are very sad. They are each allergic to a certain food that they love, and they must find ways to protect themselves from getting sick from these foods and make friends in the process. How do they do that?

Lesson: Allergen safety

Roxy & Zav

"Roxy and Zav's Barbecue"

Roxy Raccoon has a pleasant surprise while she is relaxing by the river. What will her new friend Zav cook at their barbecue picnic, and are these strange, delicious foods safe to eat?

Lesson: Safe cooking temperatures, bacteria awareness

Speedo Tito

"Speedo Tito and his Sunset Party"

Speedo Tito is not like any other turtle... he is very fast! Discover how he throws a fabulous party for his friends, but what happens when he is done with all of the preparations for the party? And how do his friends help him safely enjoy his own party foods in the end?

Lesson: Safe food preparation practices


"Cristabel's Supermarket Spree"

Cristabel the Cow goes food shopping with her father, which makes her very cheerful and giggle out loud! Learn about the special dinner they will make, and why her visit to the playground will have to wait.

Lesson: Shopping safety


"Chickita's Salads"

Chickita is a little chicken who just loves to eat fresh fruits and veggies. But how to keep them safe and delicious? Watch her prepare some of her mother's fruit specialties for her Nana and Papa, and see how she keeps her favorite foods safe until their visit.

Lesson: Produce safety

Sam lamb

"Sam's Pizza Pies"

Sam the Lamb is an expert pizza maker! See how he stretches, flips and spins the dough to make the perfect pizza for his friends. But he needs a helping hand from his Grampa Sam to stay safe from burns and cuts during the process! How does Grampa Sam help make the party a success?

Lesson: Personal hygiene and safety while cooking