For The Children

Green Apple Tales promise to enlighten you and your children in a fun-loving way. The interactive stories will delight children as they learn about basic food handling, health and hygiene. Included in each book is a simple cooking activity featured by that story's character, which you can also practice with your child, and help to reinforce the food safety principles in that book. And they love to "Follow the apple" in each story!

For the adults

Each of the 10 books focuses on a different food safety practice in an easy-to-understand way. A more in-depth explanation of the principle is included at the end of each book for the adult reader who desires a more scientific discussion of the food safety principle. All stories are based on USDA and FDA guidelines. Studies have demonstrated increased understanding of food safety principles by those reading Green Apple Tales' simple stories. The result is an effective way of learning important safety practices in a most enjoyable way for all.

Lessons learned in Green Apple Tales:



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