Welcome to Green Apple Tales

A series of 10 enlightening children’s books to help families stay safe and healthy, one story at a time

Food Safety comes to life in these entertaining and educational storybooks for children ages 3-10 years. The colorful, delightful characters communicate important food safety messages to help families protect themselves from foodborne illness, flu, and other hazards. These simple yet powerful stories are enjoyed by children and parents alike, and each story includes adult-child activities that can help them bond and learn together. A different food safety lesson is depicted in each book, from handwashing to safe cooking, based on USDA and FDA guidelines. Parents, we'd like to help you teach your children, one story at a time. And don't forget to "Follow the apple!"


“Very cute stories that contain information I was not aware of. I'd definitely read these to my children and I know
they'll love them.”

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